Hello I’m

Aaron Myers



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My voice can contribute to a better world.

It is an artist's responsibility to use their platform to shed light, bring about awareness, and thoughtfully engage others on the issues of the day.

Whether in the ClubHouse or on the radio, join Aaron as he creates engaging conversations with other thought leaders from around the world.



The Music

The Soul.
The Meaning.

Music is not only for entertainment, it tells our stories and enlivens the soul.

"Not every vocalist has the surplus of personality that Aaron Myers evinces. It’s not an essential ingredient of a jazz singer’s toolkit, mind you, but it is an enormous asset."

"Aaron Myers is one of those rare, spiritual people that straddle two totally but not necessarily unfamiliar walks of life between music and politics."

"Aaron is truly an inspirational, creative talent. His work on Wait a Minute Production's A Song and A Prayer film and soundtrack was incredible, motivating, and uplifting."

"Aaron has proven and continues to prove he has what it take to make a positive difference within the the world of entertainment."

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